Thursday, April 12, 2012

Partner Rounding/Comparing War (Review)

Review! Review! Review!  It's almost time for testing! My students are working extra hard this week and are motivated to do their best! As we were reviewing rounding, I thought it would be fun to have some friendly competition.

Each student 'hamburger' folded their paper three times. Then, we all labeled the boxes with the same place value headings. Then students wrote 6 lines. (This is where the numbers will go.)

These are the directions I gave to the students:
1. One student sits, and the other student stands behind them.
2. The sitting student rolls the die 6 times and records the numbers on their sheet ONLY.
3. The sitting student will round the digit for the place value that was already written on their paper.
4. The standing student('teacher' student) is watching closely to step in and give assistance.
5. Students switch places and repeat the steps.
6. After both students have rounded their numbers, they compare their final numbers. Whoever has the largest rounded number, gets to put a star on their paper in the box.

The students LOVED this!

This was the example that I used for the kids.

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